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Brand Design & Strategy

Because branding is EVERYTHING! Starting online with a clear plan is crucial.

Social Media Management

Whew, social media! It is a love/hate thing, right? Let us make it fun & easy.

Chat Widget

This is a conversation driven world. When delving into the online space, attention is key.


Creating an optimized website is not difficult, you just need to know what you're doing!


Because copy is always KING, creating an engaging and clean experience is vital to success.

Video Editing

We are in the era of video! Get with it, or get left behind. Create quick fun content.

Website Development

An easy to use website is essential. The website builder is intuitive & simple.

Email Marketing

Automation is everything! Email marketing is still the number one way to acquire clients.

We’ll Show You Why

Here is the thing, being successful online is NOT easy. No matter how many people want to "teach" you how to make tons of money online, it still takes the correct tools and knowledge to do so. Online courses make up a lot of online revenue, don't waste your money. Jump onto our FREE learning center to see if Astronaut Industries is the correct toolbox for you and your business!

It is good to check mobile usage. With Astronaut Industries we understand the need to be mobile friendly. Software for everyone.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users

Utilizing images, videos and automation, connect with your clients with ease and speed. Convert a new customer without ever having to pick up the phone.

Replicate results. Not work.

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business?


Opportunity & Research

Plan, Create & Execute


Tracking, Reporting & Growing

We know a thing or two about business
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Astronaut Industries is a library of information to grow and thrive. Build your business

Success Stories

Dr. S Ama Wray Creator — Embodiology®
Ksenya Obanion Founder — Russian Sage Blosson
Travis Kent PR Director — On Pointe Alliance
Arletha Kent Founder — On Pointe Alliance
Deirdre Lovell Buisness Manager — Embodiology®
Cayle Alldredge Founder — Cayle Alldredge


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